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Welcome to Glaze-Tech, a successful Northampton family run business which has served the Northampton area since 1997. We pride ourselves on high quality products and installation, also on our commitment to our customers.

Glaze-Tech was founded in 1997 by Lennon Johnson, who at the time was 28 years of age. Before Glaze-Tech was founded Lennon was a window apprentice for other local companies in the Northampton area, before deciding to take a new venture to start up his own business. May 10th 1995 was a new venture for Lennon, when his first born son, Jake Johnson was born; whom also became a director of the company in March 2017.

1999 was the year that Lennon met his partner, Lavinia Dearsley-Hopson and her son, Jake Cross born September 17th 1996. Lavinia became a director of the company in 2009. In March 2017, Jake Cross also started working for Glaze-Tech.

Here at Glaze-Tech, we are a family, blood related or not. Our staff are treated like family, and our family value is to treat people the way you would like to be treated yourself, and this is something we all truly believe in at Glaze-Tech. In 2009, Ray Tait started working for the company, and has made an excellent addition to Glaze-Tech and is a valued member of the team.



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